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English Speaking Therapy in Madrid



Are you looking for an English Speaking therapist in Madrid?

You or someone you care about might be going through difficult times but you struggle to find a qualified professional who can provide therapy in English in Madrid

Who Am I?

My name is Alejandro Muriel Hermosilla, I am a Clinical Psychologist who provides therapy in English for the English-speaking community in Madrid.

Why can you trust me? 

I have international training and experience in Clinical Psychology. I completed my 4-year Residency in Clinical Psychology in one of the nation’s leading departments of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology: Gregorio Marañón Hospital (Madrid). Throughout this time, I experienced a wide variety of clinical contexts both for adults and children.

I believe that in therapy it is essential to create an atmosphere where you can feel comfortable to share your experiences and feelings.  I also think that it is crucial to tailor the treatment to suit your specific needs, and hence together we will develop the best treatment for you.


Media presence

Below you can see what my patients are saying about me… 



«Great professionals, using state of the art treatment and therapies. Flexible Scheduling. They provide the patient with everything needed to develop an intervention tailored to their needs. I had never received such an attentive care. Do not hesitate contacting them, I would highly recommend them to anyone!»



«After having seen two other psychologists because of my anxiety attacks, I can say that I am finally feeling better. I also understand now what had really happened to me.
Thank you for being so attentive and genuinely compassionate.»



«I have been attending Alejandro’s sessions for more than 3 months. He is very attentive in his interactions with me and he has always remained honest, respectful and caring. Thank you, Alejandro.»



Why do I provide therapy in English?

I have always had a strong connection with the English Speaking community. Throughout my career, I studied Clinical Psychology at the Trinity College of Dublin and, during my residency in Clinical Psychology, I completed my training as a Yale University Intern at the Department of Psychiatry. In fact, I am still involved in different projects with the Yale Department of Psychiatry.

Today I see patients coming from countries like the United States, South Africa and the United Kingdom, to name a few.




Do you want to Book an Appointment now ?

Book now your first evaluation session. We will work to understand what you are going through and develop a treatment tailored to your needs.

Why offering therapy for expats?

I have lived in many other countries such as England, Germany, United States or even Brazil, which gave me a good understanding of what living abroad means. Sometimes not being able to fully express yourself in your own language can be a challenge, specially when it comes to health issues.

In psychotherapy, having a person with whom you can communicate without language barriers and who can understand your culture is tremendously important.

Do you want to Book an Appointment now?

Book now your first evaluation session. We will work to understand what you are going through and develop a treatment tailored to your needs.

We are located in Retiro District:

Antonio Arias 15, 2ºa (Madrid)

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